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MN 84/2021

The KwaDukuza Municipality invites tenders for the above. Only Tenderers who are registered with CIDB in a contractor grading of 6 EP or higher and emerging contractors with grading 5 EP PE or higher will be eligible to tender. Tenderers will have proof of CIDB Registration by closing date failing which the tender will be disqualified. Tenderers shall be registered on National Treasury’s Central Supplier Database.

The physical address for collection of tender documents is: The KwaDukuza Municipality, Electrical Services Business Unit, Electrical Office No. 21, Lavoipierre Building, KwaDukuza, upon presentation of a receipt proving prior payment of a non-refundable fee of R1274 (inclusive of VAT), having been made at the Municipal Finance Business Unit, General Justice Mpanza Building, 104 Mahatma Gandhi Street, KwaDukuza. (Cash or EFT). EFT shall be made directly to the Municipality Bank Account which is as follows:

Account Name: KDM Primary Account Account Type: Cheque

Name of bank: ABSA Account Number: 4087627126

Name of branch: Public Sector – KZN Branch Code: 632005

Reference: MN 84/2021

Tender documents will be available from 09h00 on the 12th July 2022. The cut-off time for selling of tender documents is at 15h00 on 8th August 2022. Queries relating to issue of these documents may be addressed to Ms Mbali Dlamini Tel No.: (032) 437-5087 email: mbalid@kwadukuza.gov.za Technical queries may be addressed to Dr Dhanesh Rampersad, Tel No.: 032 437 5115, Email: DhaneshR@kwadukuza.gov.za

A compulsory clarification meeting with representatives of the Employer will take place at the KwaDukuza Municipality, PMU Boardroom, Lavoipierre Building, 2 Industria Crescent, KwaDukuza on 10th August , starting at 10h00. Failure to attend the compulsory clarification meeting will disqualify the tender. Doors to the venue will be closed at 10h00 and the briefing will commence immediately. Late attendance will not be accepted and contractors will not be admitted into the venue. Only those tenderers who are in possession of a tender document shall be permitted to participate in discussion at the compulsory clarification meeting and site inspection. All Bidders need to adhere to COVID19 regulations.

Tenders shall be completed in according with the conditions stated in the specifications document and shall be sealed in an envelope clearly marked “TENDER NO. MN 84/2021 – LOT 14 SWITCHROOM AND MV UPGRADE PROJECT as indicated in the tender specifications and be placed in the Tender Box at the Municipal Offices, No. 2 Industrial Crescent Street, KwaDukuza, Lavoipierre Building not later than 12h00 on 22nd August 2022 which time the tenders will be opened in public. Tenders are to be submitted on the tender documentation provided by the Municipality. Late, electronic or faxed tenders will not be accepted.