Development Control Section

  • The overall objective of the Development Control Section is to develop, manage and regulate the built and natural environment through the implementation of the land use management system, the implementation of statutory planning legislation and maintenance of planning procedures in order to ensure a sustainable built environment for the KwaDukuza Municipality. The Development Control Section has the responsibility of receiving, processing and making recommendations or decisions on these development applications within statutory time frames. The relevant applications include Consent, Relaxation & Encroachment Applications. Working together with the newly established Development Enforcement Department, this Section has a legal obligation to control and regulate land uses and to prosecute illegal land uses through the appropriate planning legislation. The Section also provides comment on a variety of applications received by other departments within the Municipality requiring a development planning input.

    Over and above the above-mentioned functions, the Development Control Section is also responsible for the Place and Street (Re) Naming programme. Its primary role is conducting awareness campaigns about the Municipality’s street naming and renaming policy and processes relating to ‘street naming’ applications, the Section has the responsibility of receiving, processing and making recommendations on these applications within statutory time frames as well as liaising with relevant departments relating to the approval of names and erection of relevant signage infrastructure. As part of this programme, the Section also is responsible for street numbering to ensure a complete offering relating to a property’s physical address.