• Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development

    The Spatial Planning Sub Section’s primary role of this Section is to lead, manage and direct sustainable urban growth and spatial transformation through the preparation of short, medium and long term spatial plans. Its functions include the preparation and review of the Spatial Development Framework (SDF); lower order Integrated Spatial Plans (e.g. Local Areas Plans, Functional Area Plans, Precinct Plans and Draft Schemes) aimed at translating the strategic intent of the IDP and SDF. The Sub Section is also charged with assessing status quo and community needs in the Municipality which may result in the preparation of a framework plan, land use policy and ultimately the local development plan which includes the municipality’s spatial guide plan and the land use management system. The Sub Section is also responsible for processing development applications such as Sub Divisions, Rezoning’s, Scheme Amendment, Removal of Restrictive Conditions amongst others. Under the guidance of the Chief Planner who is the immediate supervisor, the Senior Town Planner is responsible for coordinating functions relating to this Sub Section.
  • Sustainable Development

    The primary role of this Sub Section is to provide support with the development of programs, projects and practices that ensure Council’s interest and responsibilities relating to environmental protection and enhancement. It contributes to the improvement of KwaDukuza’s environmental quality through conducting education & awareness and promoting sound environmental management principles including the following but not limited to coastal management; climate change mitigation and adaptation; and conservation of the biodiversity. In addition, the Sub Section ensures that the municipality maintains continuous collaboration with sector departments in ensuring compliance with environmental legislation to bring about sustainable development within the jurisdiction. Reporting directly to the Chief Planner, the Manager Sustainable Development (currently vacant) is responsible for managing and coordinating activities relating to this Sub Section.
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

    the primary role of the Section is to develop, maintains and interrogate spatial data in order to provide relevant information that will assist with decision making across the Municipality. This information includes, Surveyor General Diagrams, Aerial Photos, Cadastral information, amongst others. It also provides continual maintenance and capturing of zoning and land use data on the GIS for properties within the Municipality providing information to the general public and other internal departments. Importantly, the Sub Section is responsible for maintaining and uploading web version of the Town Planning Regulations, Zoning and Land Use. Whilst care is taken in providing up to date information as much as possible, the information is solely for reference and for convenience purposes. The latest provisions and maps may not be the official version as enacted into law. The accuracy of any specific provision cannot be assured, and you are urged to consult the Development Control Sub Section for the current and official version of both the text and maps. The Senior GIS Officer (Vacant) is responsible for coordinating activities relating to this Sub Section.
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